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The Littoral Press


Issue 4 - Winter Solstice 2005

Editor Mervyn Linford

Poems by:
Derek Adams, Peter Austin, May Ivimy Badman, Shirley Baker, Mary Blake, Richard Bonfield, Anthony Coleman, Martin Cook, Tim Cunningham, Lyn Darrant, M.J.Duggan, Mark Farrell, Antionette Fawcett, Mavis Gulliver, Pamela Harvey, Nigel Humphreys, Ann Keith, Neil Leadbeater, Edward Lee, A.A.Marcoff, Andrew Mayne, Dave Morgan, J.K.Murphy, William Oxley, Dee Rimbaud, Julie Rutherford, Amy Jo Schoonover, Daphne Schiller, Sam Smith, Geoff Stevens, David Troupes,.

Prose by:
Clare Harvey,
Pamela Harvey, Angela Howard, Mavis Timms, Tracy Patrick, Mervyn Linford, Adrian Green, A A Marcoff, Christine McNeill.

Profile: Jill Wallis

Interview: Sandra Lester

Kevin Higgins, Robert Irwin and William Oxley.