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A Multi-Faith & Environmental Literary Magazine, devoted to the Principle of Unity in Diversity



4.50 from
The Littoral Press


Issue 2 - Summer Solstice 2005

Editor Mervyn Linford

Poems by:
Stuart Henson, Calvin Green, Mary Gulliver,
Sandra Lester, Ann Vick, J K Murrphy, Tracy Patrick, Dave Morgan, Amy Jo Schoonover, Brian Turnball, Martin Cook, Daphne Schiller, Jim Sinclair, Leland Jamison, Mary Blake, Vivienne Ross, Richard Bonfield, Mary Strong Jackson, A A Marcoff, M J Duggan, Davide Trame, Shirley Baker, Geoff Stevens, Susan Ranson, Terese Coe, Michael Wright, Peter Austin, Julie Rutherford, Dubravka Velasevic, A Lee Firth, Brendan Cornell, Hillary Mellon, Jaqueline Karp.

Prose by:
Mervyn Linford, Pamela Harvey, Mary Blake, Clare Harvey, Adrian Green.

'Journeys' by Brian MacDonald